In August of this year the motorcycle history of Ukraine will be complemented with the MILESTONE event – for the first time for all history of Races on the salt lake Bonnevil, the USA, the UKRAINIAN INSPIRIUM motorcycle, the motorcycle - created for establishment of the World record of speed will be provided!!!
And we are proud of the fact that this record racing motorcycle was designed and constructed by us – the Kharkiv company IRON CUSTOM MOTORCYCLES!
We created one and a half years the motorcycle which is given rise to win against speed, passed through a large number of obstacles, experiments and settings from August 10 to August 20 to present our Country on Bonneville Speed Week.
Our AMBITIOUS idea about construction of the racing motorcycle was supported by our Partners without whom participation in this UNIQUE event would be impossible: 


INSPIRIUM is the micro nation of IT engineers working at  the edge where  physical reality meets digital world. .
As the world quickly develops, becomes more and more obvious as surprising technologies strengthen possibilities of people. This enhancement varies from expanded and virtual realities to internet applications, robotic technology, the built-in computation and also 3D - the seals and many others.
Engineers of INSPIRIUM provide the integrated IT solutions in which physical and digital realities easily integrate.
INSPIRIUM purpose - to be on a first line of technologies, offering IT solutions for clients, but nevertheless, saving strong communications with roots, having understood as new technologies can help the existing and steady enterprises. 


Sigma Software provides high-quality services in IT sphere. Within 15 years the company develops decisions for clients in such branches as automotive industry, aircraft, telecommunications, banking, the real estate and others.
Sigma Software is included into number 100 of the best outsourcing the company of the world according to the International association of professionals of outsourcing (IAOP). Since 2006 is a part of one of the largest Swedish IT corporations - Sigma Group integrating 3200 professionals worldwide, more than 750 of them - in Ukraine.
Offices of the company are opened in Kharkiv, Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Warsaw, New York and San Jose. 


Lime-Line Production are advertizing, image rollers, the animated infographics, classical animation, 2D and 3D simulation and animation. The company makes all these products for many years for the partners. Video — a fine method of the report of information which is successfully used for increase online and offline of sales. Each employee of the company carries out only the tasks and thanks to it operation is carried strictly systemically and step by step.

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