How to become part of the history of Ukraine Moto?

We once again heard this question sent to our address when returned from the World Cup in Championship …

Really, our company – Iron Custom Motorcycles – the first in the history of Ukraine provided our country in 2013 in the World championship on a custom – the Fetish project. In 2014, we already took the 3rd place in Europe in a freestyle class and the 4th place in the World in the class street performance with the Sturmvogel project. This year we became World champions in the class café racer with the national Beckman project!!!

Besides, we presented to customers from the different cities of our country, more than 15 kastom-projects. But it were generally private orders. And what to do to those companies which want to become a part of motorcycle history of Ukraine and to have at themselves on hand not just cool motorcycle, but the motorcycle with history ….
And we decided to lay out ways of our vision of this historical process.

Way the first!!!
If you the modern, dynamic company moving to a leg over time and possessing a high tech interior, then your ornament can become the Sturmvogel project – the motorcycle representing dieselpunk style. The motorcycle from the past – future eyes! The first Ukrainian prize-winner of the European championship and the World across Kastomayzingu!!!
And if you the solid company loving regularity and a conservative view on a thing, then the kafereyser of Beckman comes in handy. The first Ukrainian World champion, what here can be added still?!
These motorcycles became the FIRST in the history of Ukraine and the World kastomayzing!!! Then there will be still victories, but the FIRST victories are valuable more than ever!!!
It is our History!!!

Way of the second!!!
You love the speed, passion, fixed change of a situation, got used to work in difficult conditions of modern business, and you need extraordinary advertizing – the Inspirium project!!!
Inspirium – the first Ukrainian motorcycle which in August, 2017 will do attempt of establishment of the World record of speed on the lake Bonnevil, America, the State of Utah. You can place the logo on this record racing motorcycle!
But it is possible you – the media company which wants to shoot the cool film and to begin the successful performance with it?! Then the Inspirium project – for you!!! Speed, nerves, tension, work – life online!!!
And it is history too. History which We will make together with you!!!
Join us!!!

Third way!!!
You are ambitious, and want to make History, then our Titan project for you!!!
Our new, still confidential project, for participation in the World Championship on a kastomayzing in 2018! The project with which we want to fight for a ring of the World champion in the absolute class freestyle! The project, – which will be incredibly difficult technically and design! The project, – in which we want to find room for all our experience of the previous victories and courageous experiments of the future!!!
And it is history which you can do together with us!!!

Of course, it is not the only roads which conduct our country to victories, but we suggest to do INTERNATIONAL recognition of our country together with us!!!
Write us, support us, believe in us!!!

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