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Kharkiv company Iron Custom Motorcycles ( engaged in the construction of custom motorcycles, as well as, maintenance, tuning, and selling of motor vehicles since may 2010. We are located in Kharkov on the street festival 9, the area of workshop is 300 sq. m.
The ICM is the first and only Ukrainian company, which represents our country at World and European Championships for Customizing, starting in 2012 and is a WORLD CHAMPION in the class of 2016 cafe racer.
During this time we have built more than 20 custom projects and has achieved the following:
- 4-th place in the Tricky Air Championship 2012, USA - the project "The First"
- 13-th place in the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building 2013 (World championship of customizing), Modified Harley-Davidson class - project "Fetish"
- 3rd place at the Italian Motorcycle Championship 2014 (European championship of custom items), Freestyle Class project "Sturmvogel"
- 4th place in the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building 2014 (World championship of customizing), Street Performance Class - project "Sturmvogel"
Best custom! – best custom project of Ukrainian version of the Crazy Harley Party 2015 - project "Sturmvogel"
-1st place at AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building 2016 (the World championship of customizing), Cafe Racer Class - project "Beckman"

Becoming World Champions in Customizing, this year, we decided to take part in races on lake Bonneville and set a World speed record in class-vintage motorcycles-1955 year.
The salt plains of Bonneville known to many: here put world record car and motorcycle speed off famous movies (eg. "The fastest Indian" and "independence Day"), and then the coiled landing capsule spacecraft!
Bonneville – dry salt lake with an area of 260 sq km in northwestern Utah. The depth of the salt deposits can reach in some places almost 2 meters. The terrain really looks like an extraterrestrial, cosmic territory. On the surface of the lake at different angles there are two high-speed track. Smooth surface allows cars and motorcycles to develop high speed, and riders — to test new devices and to set world records.
It was here in August 2017 our motorcycle Inspirium will take part in the race, and try to set a World speed record.
We checked in at the Association of Southern California Timing Association (SCTA – Association of racers Bonneville), received a registration number 2205 to participate in the class 350APS-VG.
350APS-VG is a class vintage racing motorcycles to 1955 model year, equipped with fairing and uses gasoline. The speed record in this class is 86миль/hour (about 140 km/h).
For this task we built motorcycle Inspirium: base motorcycle IZH-49 1953 issue, frame and body kit homemade motorcycle, the motor is boosted, power is increased 4 times, the bike is lightened by a third. We planned a speed record of 100 mph (160 km/h).

At the moment the motorcycle passed the run-in and tuning on our own dyno. Planned indicators of power and speed achieved.
Detailed video about the creation of our project Inspirium:

As mentioned, the trip to America is scheduled for August 2017, and we are now engaged in the selection of companies who see the potential in the sponsorship of this project.
At the moment, we have sponsorship of the following companies:
- Inspirium – IT company
- Lime-Production Line - production of media products
- Fashion Racing is the manufacturer of Moto gear

We want to offer YOU to become our sponsor.

We appeal with a unique offer only to those businesses and brands that are the best in our country, actively develop and support sports competitions, aimed at promoting our country on the World stage!
What do we offer?
We offer, in the case of a contract of partnership, to advertise Your company or a particular brand of motorcycle on the overalls of the racer, at our camp on the island of Bonneville (in the form of flags or banners), in our showroom.
We will actively advertise on social networks, the Internet and TV coming event that will go down in motorcycle history of Ukraine and the World.
Will be shot full documentary (30-40 minutes), by Lime-Line Production, on the construction of the bike, about the trip and about establishing a World speed record, about our sponsors. The film will also be actively broadcasted media.

That will get our sponsor-partner?

The first and most important thing is advertising Your company or specific brand.
It is not just advertising of the company, which manufactures and sells high-quality products, it is primarily the advertising of the BRAND – which creates a motorcycle-the history of Ukraine. Such a project has never been done before, and be the first to take part in it is a great advertising strategy.
In addition, buyers are always more willing to give the preference to those brands that use Champions.
Second, Your company can use motorcycle Inspirium on its promotional products – calendars, booklets, t-shirts, caps, etc. with the slogan, like "We are the Champions!"
Third, - our company – Iron Custom Motorcycles, already known not only in Ukraine but in the World of Moto-circles, so the cooperation can be expanded on an ongoing basis – creating new custom projects, we will actively promote Your company's products or a specific brand.
We can also discuss the construction of our company personalized custom for Your company, You will be able to carry on all the exhibitions, presentations, corporate parties, etc and he will be a "motorcycle face" of Your brand in Ukraine.

What do you need?

The ICM selects sponsors from different fields. We ensure that companies with "similar" products and market positioning will not overlap in this project.
The cost and conditions of the sponsorship package are discussed individually!

We hope that our offer of cooperation and the advancement of motorcycle business in Ukraine to be interesting to Yo

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