Here we also came back home World champions!!!
Ours to castes of Beckman became the best in café racer class!!!
We aimed at it … The last 9 months of our life were devoted only to this project: we lived them, breathed them, ate it …. We made everything that was in our forces …. Also received the biggest and such desirable award!!!
It is possible to write, select many epithets, etc., but our emotions are completely transferred by video which was shot by our Italian friends.
It is very pleasant to us that we could achieve the highest award with "our" motorcycle, we could create beautiful history of its "birth" and carry her to people. We destroyed the myth that "sovkotekhnik" can't be fine!!! We hope that our example will become "infectious" and will help many enthusiasts of Ukraine to believe in himself!!!
At an exhibition the motorcycle was allocated, according to participants and visitors, with technical complexity, smart color scale, fine details and clean job (ideal attention to trifles and workmanship).
Once again we want to thank all who took part in creation of the motorcycle, all those who worried about us supported us, those who arrived in Cologne to share with us alarm of expectation and joy of a victory, our friends from other countries – HUGE all thanks!!! It is very important for us!!!
It is pleasant to us that our company, removed in 2013 the Ukrainian kastomayzing on the World scene, in 2014 - we already entered in TOP-5, and now - we celebrate a victory. We based this movement, and already there are followers. This year the Kiev SRM team also participated in AMD-2016, and let children didn't take prizes yet, but the start is given, it is impossible to stop already!!! We hope in 2018 the number of the Ukrainian teams will be more!!!
Taste of a victory didn't make us conceited, we prepare the motorcycle for participation in record and racing arrivals on the lake Bonevil where we plan to set a world record in a class 350APS-VG. This project is called Inspirium and is stood based on the IZh-49 motorcycle.
Also we test as "surgeon" and we cross a car and is motor-in one Quanta project a surprising, bystry and powerful experimental product of our workshop which will be issued soon. It is our following step which we will excite all again!!!
What is farther with the Beckman motorcycle, - we often hear this question?
We conduct negotiations and we look for to our unique historical project worthy "owner". We want that it was the serious Ukrainian company, and the motorcycle took a place of honor in "the museum of glory". So Beckman-and many have a chance to become the owner! Write, address - it is history of Ukraine!!!
Once again all thanks for support, monitor our works, "support" us, write us, we LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!

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