The Iron Custom Motorcycles command presented to our Country the World record of speed on the lake Bonneville!

Exactly here, on Bonneville Speed Week on August 13, 2017, we set the World record of speed - 99.764 miles/hour in a class 350 APS-VG on the Inspirium motorcycle. Thereby the ICM company became the fastest Ukrainian command on the saline soil Bonneville!

The class 350APS-VG is a class of the vintage motorcycles of personal construction released till 1955 and having engine displacement to 350 cc.

In October, 2015 we announced the beginning of construction of the Inspirium record racing motorcycle that in August, 2017 to set the World record of speed in our class!

We took IZh-49 1953 years of release as an Inspirium motorcycle basis and seriously finished it: increased engine capacity practically by 5 times, created the rigid racing chassis, designed a vantazhny aerodynamic weather-cloth from aluminum. The motorcycle acquired racing characteristics, without having lost beauty and a vintazhnost of this class.

We from the FIRST attempt set the World record of speed, and – confirmed with the following arrival it!

The world record of the ICM command makes 99.764 miles/hour!!! At the same time, we could reach the maximum average rate 104.108 miles/hour. We created the fastest IZh-49 on the Planet Earth!

The Inspirium project was created within the walls of the workshop Iron Custom Motorcycles, however its appearance would be impossible without our partners – the Sigma Software Group and Inspirium Laboratories company. Our partners believed in our dream, were sure of our professionalism and as a result - We are the fastest!!!

We post a few photos to try to transmit to you spirit of creation of the motorcycle and spirit of competitions, but the principal event – ahead!!!

Lime-Line, ours production partner who recreates events of this unique action!!!

Our film has already been released and is available for viewing on the link:

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